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We offer a wide variety of finishing fixtures in our website and through our catalog for your home or office. We can assist you with your design elements and fixture choices. We take the time to sit with you and study your set of blueprints. Or we will come to your existing project or office to assist you with your choices.

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A Day In The Office

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A Day In The Office

People often ask me, “What’s a typical day like in your office?” But the truth is, I can’t describe one. There is no such thing as a typical day. And that’s what I love about my job.

For example, last Monday. I got to work at around 6:30 am. That may sound a little early, but I like using the time to myself to check my e-mail and to get back to people. That’s a top priority for me, and the quiet time in the morning is often the best time to do so.

At 8:00 my assistant James arrives. James is my right hand man. He runs the office, he provides me with the greatest loyalty and service anyone could, and I really couldn’t function without him. At this point of the day I’ve put lists together of what we should accomplish, and I’m raring to go.

But those lists are rarely followed. I never know what’s going to come at me. This specific Monday, it was a call from the Dr. Phil show. I was thrilled – I hadn’t even gone after them. They’d found me through AllBusiness! That was really exciting. I spent half the morning answering questions and filling out surveys. After, I spent time on the phone with the people I’m managing a project with. They informed me that the work I’d done for a job wasn’t acceptable. I needed to redo it. And finally, I received another phone call from a television producer (really, this doesn’t happen THAT often). After answering a couple questions, they told me that I was exactly what they weren’t looking for.

I was excited. I was totally wrong. I was rejected. The day was spent in a roller coaster of emotions and reactions. If I were to let every turn or every drop define me, then I’d never enjoy the ride. I like doing a lot of things. Some days are awful and some are great. You must strive to achieve a balance – a balance inside yourself, that is. You can hardly predict which days will be which.