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Ergonomics, quality, durability and innovation are the main focus while designing the products used in the healthcare industry. For instance, a warm welcome area designed considering the effect of the selection of colour and material on people makes the user feel secure and comfortable. Flexible and ergonomic combinations that meet the needs of patients as well as healthcare professionals and maximise the mobility provide a comfortable and productive working environment.

It is important to plan the areas used only by healthcare professionals such as dining room and resting rooms to improve motivation, comfort and attentiveness. Lio Group is aware of the needs of healthcare industry and produces projects to create well-designed areas with GREENGUARD certified products with a long-term cost saving investment that will meet the strategic goals. Effective planning not only allow to reduce the costs or use the areas effectively, but also increases the motivation of employees.

Doctors’ Rooms

The doctors’ (examination) rooms should be designed in a way to establish and support the trust relationship between the doctor and the patient. An efficient and well-equipped examination room that support the interaction between the patient and his/her relatives and keep patient satisfaction at the forefront should also be designed considering the use of technology for diagnosis and treatment.

Waiting Halls

Patients and their relatives spend most of their time sedentary while waiting to be served or waiting for the test results. In general, people suffer from stress and anxiety while they are at the hospital. Therefore, people should be provided with an environment that will encourage people to talk, interact, rest, get comfortable, and use their personal devices to keep them in touch with the outside world. Using calming colours, personal items, seats for patient relatives, works of art such as paintings and sculptures that support physical comfort as well as emotional comfort creates a relaxing effect.

Resting Rooms

Creating spaces where not only patients but also healthcare professionals can relax and spend time by themselves will increase the motivation and productivity of the employees.

Meeting/ Working Areas

If the working areas used by healthcare professionals for research and administrative purposes are designed as ergonomically and aesthetically comfortable spaces, it will support work flow processes and cooperation among the personnel and allow healthcare professionals to serve effectively and efficiently. It is important that the meeting or seminar halls used for briefing or training activities are designed in such a way that they can be deployed easily according to the specific need and purpose.

Healthcare Featured Projects

Semahat Aracı
PROJECT: Semahat Aracı Oncology and Palliative Care Center – İstanbul, 2